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SPOILER ALERT: It’s a popular form of cliff-hanger among character-driven procedurals to end a season with the team divided. But Hawaii Five-0 took it to an extreme last night. After Chin’s crush Laura Hill, who worked for the Governor (Jean Smart), was killed in a car bomb, McGarrett figured out that she’d been the one sending him those envelopes with evidence from his father’s tool box. That key he could never place? It unlocked a drawer in the Governor’s office, which McGarrett broke into. Turns out McGarrett’s father had been investigating the Governor before his death. (Or, at least that’s what I got out of it.) She was connected to Wo Fat. The Governor had started Five-0 so she could keep an eye on Steve. When she discovered her assistant was feeding him info, she had Wo Fat take her out — and Wo Fat was framing McGarrett for the murder.

Steve bolted as the cops came to arrest him, but instead of running away, he loaded up on guns and headed back to the Governor’s mansion. He wanted a confession. Unfortunately, right after he got it, Wo Fat stun-gunned him, put two bullets in the Governor using Steve’s gun, and placed the murder weapon back in his hand. HPD arrived to find McGarrett, in full ninja wear, with the murder weapon and the Governor dead. He was taken into custody — by Chin, who’d been offered his old job back at HPD with a promotion to lieutenant.

As McGarrett was getting his mug shot taken, he saw Kono being booked for stealing the money they took from evidence to save Chin from Wo Fat earlier in the season. As for Danny, he was supposed to meet his wife and daughter at the airport and help get them settled back on the mainland before joining them there for good, but he didn’t show — because it’ll be up to him and Jenna to save McGarrett’s and Kono’s asses come fall.

Watch the episode’s final moments below. How do you think this plays out? At first, I was angry with Chin for going back to HPD, especially when I saw another cop in the police car with him, so he couldn’t have done it just to help McGarrett escape. But then I realized having Chin on the inside will still help Steve, even if he’s in a cell. (Kono, too.) So I’m choosing to believe Chin knows what he’s doing.

I thought for sure once Danny’s ex told him she was pregnant with baby No. 2 that she’d be the next victim, but she wasn’t. Good for her. But I still wouldn’t miss her if she doesn’t end up returning to Hawaii. She has to, though, right? I mean, there’s no way Danno is going back to Jersey because we’d miss that weekly Scott Caan-Alex O’Loughlin chemistry, and it wouldn’t be in Danno’s character to not live where his wife and kid(s) are. If I had to make a prediction, I’d say he keeps her in Jersey while he works on freeing McGarrett and Kono, because it’ll be too dangerous in Hawaii. Then, she returns in November Sweeps with the kids in tow — and dies then. The kids stay with Danno, he gets to grieve for a season before finding a new love. Everyone wins. Your turn.

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