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I wish there were a decent way to mash up the word “glee” with “funeral” or “death,” but somehow that doesn’t seem right. Since you’ve already speculated wildly on who’ll be leaving the Gleeverse for good — and we’re promised it’ll be someone who means more to us than even Pavarotti, Kurt’s deceased canary — let’s focus on the brighter spots of tonight’s episode, shall we?

Like Jesse St. James’ return to New Directions as a consultant, a.k.a. killer of dreams. It looks like he’ll be more of a Simon Cowell than a Steven Tyler when it comes to critiquing the kids, and like the cranky Brit, he hurls instantly quotable insults: “You kind of sing and dance like a zombie that has to poop.” That was directed at his rival, Finn, though I’d be interested to hear what kind of venom he could spew about Mr. Schue’s rapping.

It also looks like we’ll be treated to a good old-fashioned sing-off to determine who’ll take lead vocals at Nationals. Reminiscent of Rachel and Kurt’s amazing first-season diva-off of “Defying Gravity,” get ready for a showdown of the titans. I hope the powerhouses — Rachel, Mercedes, Santana, and Kurt — really pull out the stops to stake their claim as HBIC. And who knows, maybe the winner will be someone other than Rachel!

Are you excited to see Jesse St. James work his magic? Also, at the end of the season, we’re ripe for a breakup — will there be a death of a relationship tonight? And how haunting is glee club’s “Pure Imagination“? Before, during, and after the episode, sound off here, and check back early in the morning for Sandra Gonzalez’s recap!

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