The roughly annual showdowns between Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly used to feel genuinely exciting and transgressive. Stewart was a hero to savvy and/or annoyingly smarmy young liberals; O'Reilly was the standard-bearer for right-wing indignation and/or paranoid gasbaggery. But the dueling hosts have a tough time hiding just how much they like each other — as EW's Ken Tucker noted in his review of their not-so-great Commongate debate, they both appeared to be "in on the joke, and the joke was trumped-up outrage from opposing political and show-biz poles." Last night, both men tried to bend themselves into awkward pretend outrage, before finally settling into an extended debate about the separation of the Artist and the Art that felt like the most exciting day in that college philosophy class you hated, complete with a close reading of the lyrics of a U2 song. Still, good points were made on both sides, and we want to hear from you, readers: Who won the Stewart-O'Reilly Commongate Debate? Take the poll after the jump…

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