You know it's something really bad (or really good, depending on your sense of humor) when the upcoming episode of South Park warns that "Cartman may have gone too far this time." Tell that to Scott Tenorman.

While so far this season the show has gone by the way of satire (the Royal Wedding, Osama bin Laden, and a horrifying new take on the iPad), it seems South Park is returning this week with a good-old fashioned "d— jokes" episode. It stars Cartman, who  once again finds himself in the principal's office, this time for posting his classmates, er, shortcomings, on the school bulletin board. But, as always, his punishment is a grave injustice (Kyle's unfazed reaction to his uproar in the cafeteria says it all, doesn't it?). Clearly, the educators at South Park Elementary have not learned Eric Cartman is a faaaar more dangerous sociopathic fourth grader when he's been pushed too far.

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