Donald Trump may not be on the ballot next fall, but there are still some unlikely celebrities seeking public office. Take, for example, Luther Campbell, the raunchy impresario who fronted the controversial rap band 2 Live Crew. The former Uncle Luke is running for mayor of Miami-Dade County, and if he gets his way, he govern long time. Campbell, now 50, seems to recognize his controversial history makes him an unusual political candidate — his posters read, “I’m Dead Serious… Are You?” — but the Miami native has one thing his rivals lack: name recognition. Plus, he knows his fair share about the workings of government from the numerous obscenity court cases his music inspired. Still, I’m not so sure. Does his online commercial look “dead serious”?

Miami-Dade voters go to the polls on May 24. Does Campbell stand a chance? If he wins, does Miami-Dade?

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