Lady Gaga
Credit: Reuters/Paul Hackett/Landov

By all accounts, human society is slowly but surely evolving towards the cultural moment when “News Media” will just be the coastal elitist term for the Twitter feed that will stream infinite happenstance straight into your frontal lobe by way of a neural implant installed by our horrible robot overlords. But there are still some crusty old-school journalists who believe in the power of the printed page. And then there is Lady Gaga, who served as guest editor-in-chief at the London office of the free daily Metro for one whole day, despite being neither crusty nor old-school, nor even really a journalist, unless you think that she is a metaphorical journalist embedded in the trench warfare of human emotions (in which case you should seriously consider cutting your hair and getting a job, hippie).

Publicity stunt? Sure, but at least it’s an insane publicity stunt. Also, this is by no means the worst thing to happen to journalism in the last two centuries. (Hey, she probably has more ethics than William Randolph Hearst, right?)

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