Can Born This Way just come out already?

It feels like we’ve already heard half the album, whether as fashion-show accompaniment, part of a Today show summer concert, or an iTunes promo.

Today the latest single off Born This Way, a fizzy novelty song called “Hair,” was released on iTunes and Vevo. Listen to it after the break:

At this point, it’s clear pastiche will be the operative word for Born This Way; each song seemingly riffs on the 80s’ canon of Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Pet Benatar, and latter-day Springsteen.

On “Hair,” as on “The Edge of Glory,” the Boss in his late ’80s sheen seems particularly channeled, right down to Gaga partnering once again with E Street Band-er Clarence Clemons and his wailing sax.

Again, her message is one of empowerment, but expressed in such a loopy vernacular—lyrics about how highlights are metaphors for freedom!—that it’s hard to tell if she’s being ironic or that cluelessly serious.

Put another way, if Springsteen’s ambition was always to “sound like Phil Spector, write lyrics like Bob Dylan, and sing like Roy Orbison,” Gaga’s objective on “Hair” seems to be to sound like Tunnel of Love Springsteen, yet write follicle-based lyrics worthy of a Willow Smith song, and sing like Cher.

What think you, Music Mixers? Have serious doubts about Born This Way taken root yet?

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