Each week, Survivor host Jeff Probst answers a few questions about the most recent episode of Redemption Island. Here, he addresses some points from the season finale and reunion show.

What’s this? No Fallen Comrades tribute? I’m still in a state of Survivor shock at its omission! Did you guys not have them do it this season, or did the footage just not fit into the episode due to the time needed for the final Redemption Island duel?

We did shoot the tribute, but we had too much show and had to make a decision. We decided to edit the episode without it and if anybody spoke up during the notes process that they truly missed it, we’d revisit it. Nobody did. The “fallen comrades” has always been a “love it-hate it” part of the show. It used to be more relevant but as the game as evolved to more strategy it feels less pertinent.

Going into the final episode, it seemed to me the only people that could have maybe beaten Rob at the final Tribal Council were Mike and Matt. How do you think those guys would have done against him had one of them made it back and gotten into the final three?

Mike would have won hands down because of the make up of the jury. Matt vs Rob would have been interesting but I think Rob would have won. This jury was really solid. They weren’t the normal bunch of “bitter bitches” that we so often get at final tribal council. I liked this group a lot. I wouldn’t mind taking the same group and playing again with new tribes.

You were teeing up David pretty good at the Reunion show for that marriage proposal to Carolina, but for a while there he didn’t seem to be picking up what you were putting down. What happened there? Nerves on his part?

I have no idea what was happening with David. We had obviously talked about it beforehand and worked out the cue but I’m guessing he was just really nervous and didn’t pick up on it. The proposal itself was fairly awkward for me, not sure how it felt for the rest of the audience. A “live proposal” is such a risky thing and a bit unfair to the woman since she can’t help but feel pressure to say yes. I wish them both the best. This would be our 4th Survivor marriage.

Other twists you guys have introduced to Survivor — like the Hidden Immunity idol and Exile Island — evolved over the course of a few seasons. Since there’s not much you can tease up yet for Survivor: South Pacific, tell us your thoughts on the Redemption Island twist now that you have one season under your belt and whether there could be some tweaks or changes to that format as well.

I think it’s too soon to tweak Redemption Island in any major way. So many things could have played out differently. For instance, 90% of the time when someone like Andrea comes back in the last episode, the three girls turn on Rob and take over the game. It is also unlikely anyone will ever dominate Redemption like Matt did. The only question I have is should we end the season with 8 people again or should be lose more people from Redemption Island as we go. So when we have a 3 person duel, the bottom two would be sent home and only the winner remain. I will discuss this with Mark and CBS now that the season has concluded and we’ll make a decision. Other than that I expect it to stay the same way.

Thanks for the season, Dalton. You’ve been there from the beginning and always been a loyal, albeit critical, supporter. You’ve gotten a bit snarky over the years, but that’s probably just age.

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