Hold on to your feathered hats. DANCMSTRs! It’s the season 12 semifinals on Planet Mirrorballus: Chelsie and Mark, Hines and Kym, Kirstie and Maks, and Ralph and Karina are about to battle it out for your attention. But guess who’s joining them? It’s yours truly —’s Fringe Fairy herself — IN THE BALLROOM for the first time tonight! Try to spot me as a hidden gem!

Alas, there will be no full-length gem heap tomorrow. I’ll be busy doing important things like meeting Enthusiastic Chimes Lady and passing out from excitement. But you don’t need me anymore, gem hunters extraordinaire. This community of loons will be aliiiiiiiiive and well long after I’m gone. (Goodbye, Earth.) So please, discuss tonight’s hidden gems amongst yourselves. I’ll give you a topic: Me.

If you missed it last week, listen to a special, tequila-drenched episode of my post-results chat with Tom Bergeron. We’re so wasted!

On week 8, Tom gifted us with a Walter Brennan reference, reminded us of a Karate Kid/DWTS plot connection, SWEARS (because the internet is not the same as liiiiiiive TV), and plugs his book! Okay, Romeo. I’m already on the edge of my seat for Tom’s expert mime exhibition, tentatively scheduled for the last episode ever.

Press the “play” triangle to hear my (by now non-) imaginary friend in all his alternate-universe glory. And look for a special video version of “The Host’s Leaderboard” this Wednesday, liiiiiiive from Tom’s dressing room!

And here’s a reminder of what I look like.

Don’t worry, I’m not wearing my glasses in such a glamorous setting as the ballroom….



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