Credit: Ali Goldstein/NBC

Update: Donald Trump has announced that he will not be run for president. His official decision comes after NBC confirmed that it would move forward with a new season of The Celebrity Apprentice with someone else sitting at the head of the table if he were to enter the race. That puts an end to our “Who should replace him?” debate. Suggestions floated around PopWatch HQ included Mark Cuban, Sean Parker (a.k.a. the former Napster and Facebook executive portrayed by Justin Timberlake in The Social Network), and Oprah Winfrey. Yes, Winfrey was far-fetched, but think about it: She could’ve worked out a deal in which the behind-the-scenes show aired on OWN to get more eyes on her network, her apprentices would have most certainly been A-list, and she could have done some altruistic good with all those challenges.

Your turn! If you still want to play, who would you have liked to see doing the firing next year?

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