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Though NBC picked up another edition of Celebrity Apprentice, the network is prepared for the possibility (however remote) that Donald Trump will follow through with his threats to run for president.

“If he decides to run and is unavailable to do the show, we will bring the show back and someone else will be sitting at the head of the board table,” NBC programming topper Robert Greenblatt told reporters Sunday.

NBC is not prepared for now, however, to say who would replace him. “We are still hoping to have Donald back.”

Does that mean that the Peacock hopes Trump won’t run? Greenblatt says he’s not interested in crushing anyone’s (crazy) dream. “I’ve said I don’t want him to be unavailable,” the exec said. “It’s the right and privilege of anyone to run for the highest office of the land. Nothing would make me happier than for someone to reach that.

“If we had to address the issue of who would be replacing him, we would have to feel confident that we have another galvanizing presence,” Greenblatt continued. “I’m hopeful we don’t have to go there. If we do, it’s too strong a franchise for us, not to consider [a replacement].”

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