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Doug Savant was surprised when we shared with him the fact that readers overwhelmingly sided with Tom in last week’s recap of Desperate Housewives. “Get that information to our writers,” he exclaimed. Not surprisingly, Savant’s loyalty is in line with the majority.

“This is a character who loves his wife,” Savant says. “He adores her and after the last 7 years of television — and 19 to 20 years of marriage — he’s done everything he can do, jumped through every hoop she’s asked him to jump through. In [most recently] she shamed him and manipulated him into taking this new job because she wanted him to be more successful. She said to him ‘You’re 46 years old and you’re nowhere.’ And she didnt take it back. The irony is he’s become everyting she asked him to be, and it’s not what she expected. It’s not making her happy, but he’s not going to back down. There’s not going to be a new hoop. It’s time for her to adjust.”

The only difference? Unlike many of EWers, he’s still rooting for them.

“He’s still desperately fighting for the marraige. I think the great thing about the character and why I, too, want to see this couple survive is that I think it says a great thing about marriage: It can work,” he says. “People — throgh enormous conflict and cancer and child birth, all the things they’ve been through — at the end of the day, if they have a respct and love for one another, that gets them through it. So I’m rooting depserately for them. Lynette’s going to have to snap out of it and adjust.”

But can she? Time (and season finales) will tell. What about you readers? Would you be okay with a Lynette/Tom break?

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