Ed Helms hosts Saturday Night Live this week, with Paul Simon as the music guest. Helms’ comic style — the intelligently effusive — should serve him well in the SNL universe. The former Daily Show correspondent, current co-star of The Office, and budding movie star (forthcoming: The Hangover: Part II) would seem to have all the right qualities to perform live, timely sketches with dispatch.

So what topics and characters would you like to see dealt with on SNL this week? Seems as though the show won’t be able to resist this week’s news of Osama bin Laden’s porn stash (his is the death that keeps on giving). Do you think SNL would attempt an Office parody? I’d rather see a speculative sketch about what Two and a Half Men will be like with Ashton Kutcher — Helms would probably do a good Jon Cryer. (I nominate Bill Hader to do a bitter, dissolute Charlie Sheen.) The good thing about that sketch idea is, it could contain absolutely anything, because what SNL viewer also watches Two and a Half Men?

Please leave your opinions and ideas about this week’s SNL below, thanks. Then come back to tomorrow for a review of the show.

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