May 14, 2011 at 04:00 PM EDT
Michael Moore Photograph by Matthias Clamer

We would never question the authenticity of Captain Jack’s wardrobe, especially since Johnny Depp himself described it in such elaborate detail for last week’s cover story. But we’re not Dave Nichols, editor of Pirates Magazine, who wrote us to point out some additional technical specifications.

“As the editor of Pirates Magazine and an expert on all things piratical, I have to let your readers know that Johnny Depp left out a few interesting facts about his new, improved Jack Sparrow costume.

1. The deer bone seen holding his ponytail on the right side of his head is a shinbone from a reindeer that has been carved into a marlinspike or “fid” and is used to mend sails and rigging.

2. The bird foot hanging from his Anna Maria belt together with the piece of fish vertebrae and mermaid is a talisman to ward off evil. Sailors were extremely superstitious and often picked up such “gris-gris” while in exotic ports.

3. The pelts hanging at his right side are not rabbit, but are the hind legs and feet from a red fox. Sailors often wore such pelts to draw vermin from their bodies. Once the pelts were full of ticks, fleas, mealworms and maggots, they were discarded.

4. It is also interesting to note that Johnny’s famous dreadlock wig is entirely new for POTC IV, has been partially bleached by the sun and saltwater and includes all sorts of new trinkets he picked up on his adventures. These include coins from many lands, a tiny ivory skull, a handcuff key and a tassel from a belly dancer. Much of what is found in Jack’s hair could be bartered or traded when in a tight spot. Jack’s hair is truly his treasure.

5. Captain Sparrow has also added a new Queen Anne pistol in his sash to go along with his famous, period-correct Perry of London flintlock.

6. As for Jack’s rings, real sailors and pirates would only wear such finery when in port since pulling lines on a sailing vessel would tear them right off, savvy?

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