Back in the day, no band was a bigger deal in the video world than Aerosmith.

Each one of their hits got a jaw-dropping video that either brought narratives to life (the spooky, intense “Janie’s Got a Gun”) or indulged in sweaty rock and roll fantasies (basically anything that starred Alicia Silverstone). They were a definitive music video band, and they have the MTV Moonman trophies to prove it.

So did frontman Steven Tyler add to his band’s majestic legacy with his solo clip for “(It) Feels So Good,” which just premiered? Decide for yourself after the jump:

One thing you can say about Tyler: He certainly knows how to cram a lot into one clip. “(It) Feels So Good” was directed by Ray Kay (who has sat behind the camera for Britney Spears, Justin Bieber and Willow Smith, among dozens of others), but it feels 100% Tyler.

Shot of semi-nude people? Check. Characters of indeterminate gender? Got it. Well-worn image of harmonica-playing? Yep, that’s in there too.

The one thing that sets “(It) Feels So Good” apart (outside of the gratuitous parentheses) is the veritable cornucopia of shots of Tyler interacting with wild animals. A tropical bird watches him play guitar, a monkey plays around on a couch, and some sort of simian (or is it a sloth?) is draped around his neck at the top of the affair. And there’s also an elephant cameo, just for good measure.

It’s certainly a colorful way to spend three minutes, and if it premiered during Aerosmith’s Get a Grip era, it would undoubtedly be in heavy rotation in between Kurt Loder’s Lollapalooza updates and countless ads encouraging you not to dial “0” when you make a collect call. You know, the good old days.