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Now, it’s scary how many Butterfingers I could eat in one sitting, but I certainly wouldn’t expect anyone to make a horror movie about the peanut butter-y candies. But, apparently, someone has. In fact, “the modern master of psychological terror” has. That’s right: Rob Lowe has directed Butterfinger the 13th, the “first-ever film produced not by a major studio or filmmaker, but by one of America’s iconic candy brands,” according to the candy company. (Butterfinger sees your Candy Land adaptation, Universal, and bypasses you one further!) No, this isn’t the subject of a Parks and Recreation episode: Lowe really has directed a film for Butterfingers, according to his publicist. Specifically, the film is a 25-minute-long comedy-horror, complete with the tagline, “You can’t scream with your mouth full.” So not only does Lowe have eclectic tastes when it comes to his career (jumping from brat pack flicks to Tommy Boy to The West Wing to Brothers & Sisters to Parks and Recreation to buying Miramax), but he also has good taste when it comes to candy. See the trailer after the jump — the film will be available on Facebook Oct. 13.

Anyone disappointed/surprised it’s not helmed by Bart Simpson?

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