So last night’s Nikita finale was full of the twists that we all come to expect from a season finale — except these were more like twisters. And the damage was considerable for every character. But in particular, the significant changes in motives and goals for Alex left us wondering: Are the writers setting us up for even more Alex in season 2? And at what point does her story start eclipsing the one that we all came here for (Nikita’s)? Let’s examine. [WARNING: DON’T READ ON IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED THE FINALE YET.]

First, this finale was awesome, and contained everything cast members had been promising (game-changers, in particular). On Nikita’s front, she and Michael finally got ahold of a black box (with a lot of help from Birkhoff) and, in the end, they set out to “right the wrongs” that had been done. I loved how the finale set us up for adventures of a new kind with these two in season 2 (if there is one), and it’s all just another example of how getting Michael and Nikita together earlier than most expected continues to pay off for these writers. We have this lovable do-gooder duo that could kill you in about as long as it takes for them to steal a kiss from one another. So sweet — yet badass! And seeing their hideout burn to the ground as they drove off into a CGI storm (teehee) really set the tone of reinvention for next season. (MAKE IT HAPPEN, CW.)

But on the Alex front, not only was her entire being reinvented, she was given a clean slate that was just quickly dirtied once again with an even thicker layer of grit — if you will allow me to overextend a lame metaphor. In a nutshell, Alex said ‘f— you’ to every authority figure, in every possibly way. We learned that she didn’t kill Nikita (no shocker there), but instead faked her death. And part of her reason for letting her live was to anger Division, or as Alex said to Amanda with dripping spite, “Screw you, too.”

Then a twist! Amanda got Alex to admit that she didn’t do all of this underground work because she doesn’t care about herself — it’s because she cares a lot about getting by on her own. It’s always been about self-defense. “I want to live!” Alex said. Then Amanda killed her. It was downright sick the way Amanda built her up only to activate her kill chip. I literally screamed “EVIL B—-!” when that happened. Then, yet another surprise: Amanda saved her life.

Because the kill chip was activated, Alex was officially canceled. But when Amanda brought her back to life, it meant she was off the grid. Free. But she didn’t take the bait. Despite Amanda’s promptings to leave and disappear, Alex got back into it all in a big way, with the end showing her being recruited BY AMANDA into the new baddie organization, Oversight.


What struck me as odd about all of this, however, is that while I’m sure, as Amanda said, their goals all tie back to Nikita, bringing Alex into the forefront in this major way leads me to wonder if they’re setting us up for more Alex next season. That, in my opinion, would be too much Alex. Don’t get me wrong; she’s a great character. But if not approached carefully, do the writers run the risk of making Alex more important than Nikita on a show called Nikita? I think so.

I also trust that they are aware of this, however. And, like all of this season’s episodes, something’s going to happen in season 2 that changes everything again and remedies the possible issue before it becomes an issue. (I’m not saying I’d like to see Alex killed or anything, I just love Nikita and want to make sure she stays the focus.)

Am I alone in having this worry, PopWatchers? Or would you be okay with even more Alex next season? Do you trust the writers as much as I do? Also, what did you think of this game-changing finale of Nikita?

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