The brainy dreamboat, who plays Dr. Spencer Reid on 'Criminal Minds,' likes classic soul and new British beats

Violent Femmes, Violent Femmes
”I was fortunate enough to have an older sister growing up, so I was privy to her great musical taste. The Cure, Violent Femmes, Depeche Mode — all these great, dark-wave ’80s bands were on her wall.”

Sam Cooke, The Best Of
”There’s an innocence and old-fashioned happiness in his music that appeals to me. I feel like I’m driving with a milk shake in a convertible to a drive-in movie.”

The Zombies, ”Care of Cell 44”
”To me, they’re the most underrated of the ’60s British Invasion bands. Their songs are like dreamy rock & roll lullabies.”

The xx, xx
”It’s super-rare for me to be totally taken by modern music, maybe because I’m an old codger. But they’re wizards of sound.”

Yann Tiersen, Amélie soundtrack
”I like knowing that the ability to instantly feel like a whimsical French woman is only a touch away.”