By Sandra Gonzalez
May 13, 2011 at 03:14 PM EDT
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Roomies, I hope this scoop finds you well!

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The penultimate episode of House takes us behind the curtain of our favorite doctors’ lives – and let’s just put this out there: These people are highly troubled. Oh, but that’s why we love them.

I’ve always been a fan of the more off-beat episodes of House. The classic, more medical procedural eps are fun, but it’s hours like this during which it really comes alive — which is ironic, because in this episode, we find House very much close to death at one point. As you saw in the preview, the shady not-yet-tested-on-humans medicine he injected himself with last week was not such a good idea. But that whole “close to death” part? It’s not necessarily related to the medicine, so much as it is related to House not being able to trust other people to help him when he’s in need. Yup, I’m talking about what was also teased in the promo: Self. Surgery. And trust me when I say it’s going to be tough to watch. I gagged twice – and I like bloody scenes. Not to worry, though. Someone comes to his rescue. About half of you will be happy about who that is. Bonus teases: Two main characters get into a very physical brawl. The parties involved will surprise you. (One is a guy… the other is a girl.) In another incident, someone finds themselves at gun point. Yeah, don’t miss this episode.

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It has been quite the season of Desperate Housewives. If you’re keeping count, we’ve had poisonings, switched babies, hot handymen, and a Vanessa Williams. And, as Doug Savant teases, Sunday’s finale is going to provide the best season caper possible  — especially for fans of embattled couple Lynette and Doug, who find themselves very much in need of some couples counseling. “[After the finale], I think they will be bound even more to these characters. I think they will find themselves compelled and want to [dig] deeper into a very, very complex relationship and representation of marriage you don’t usually find,” he says. CliffsNotes version? I don’t think this couple is done quite yet. But as for whose number might be up, Savant, of course, won’t say. But he did tell me this when prompted for more info on the mysterious man we saw stalking Gaby at the end of this week’s episode. “I think the [message boards] are going to be lighting up about the Gaby storyline,” he says coyly. “There’s a very dark, deep mystery going on there. If I tease anything, it’s that the audience has heard about this character — this character staking her — before. It’s from her past.” Hit the comments with guesses, Roomies!

For more from my chat with Savant, return this weekend to ITV!


It’s almost time for White Collar, Collars! And if you’re half as excited as I am about what’s in store, here’s a bit of fun news. First, the Mozzi flashback episode creator Jeff Eastin told me about last year is definitely happening/filmed/done/amazing. But here’s what you may not know: Willie Garson (who plays Mozzi) motivated much of the story. “[The episode] was inspired by Willie’s real-life journey to get his son, who he got out of foster care,” Eastin says. “Early on, I sat down with Willie and we talked about that. It was similar to a story I had been working on for him anyway. And after talking to him, we decided to embrace that idea, and we find out Mozzi was an orphan. It’s a pretty cool story.”

Also cool? Seeing Mozzi in the different stages of life, “from an infant all the way up to the present day,” Eastin says. Much more White Collar scoop coming your way in the coming weeks. But here’s some bonus Neal news to tide you over: Look for more “library“-esque sexy time, according to Matt Bomer; the gang will face Keller again this season; and look for a not-so-happy Neal in an upcoming episode where the team encounters “the young Neal Caffrey.” Jealousy? I think so.


Hi. I just want to know if Chris Noth will be on the third season [of Good Wife] and what will happen to his character. I’m really pissed about what the writers are doing [to] Peter. They want him to become a two-dimensional villain. What are the writers thinking? Is it just to see how fast Will can get into Alicia’s pants? Or what? Like I said, I am not happy about the storyline. Thanx for Reading. — Kevin

I hear the finale sets Peter up to go in an interesting direction. And by “interesting,” I mean incredibly morally ambiguous. As far as the Will and Alicia part of your question goes, I plead the fifth ( …for 2 seconds until I answer the next question you’re about to read).

Good Wife scoop please! (Especially Will and Alicia-related!) It’s so incredible right now!! Best. Show. On. TV.  — Kat

I. Would. Have. To. Agree. Also, don’t miss the finale. (Yes, file that under: News of the Duh!) Why? Because in it, the pair ends up learning a lot about the hefty price tag that comes with certain decisions. You could say they literally pay big for a figurative pay-off.

Raising Hope, please! I know you love the show, Sandra! Where’s the love for Jimmy and Maw-maw? — Jayme

Right you are. I have major love for this show, which is one of my favorite newbies of the last season — due mostly in part to its clever writing, which is out in full force in this week’s season finale. The episode flashes back to five years ago when everything was different. Maw-maw was lucid, Jimmy dressed like a member of KISS, Brad the manager was overweight to the point of mini-stroke, and dead tooth had a perfect smile. But the biggest difference of them all? Sabrina was sweet on “wild” Jimmy. Bonus scoop: If you’ve ever wanted to see Burt have a spitting match with an Alpaca, this episode is for you.

I love Rizzoli and Isles and would love any scoop even more!! Like, when is it even on again?!? Kthxbai!! :) – Nancy

The show returns July 11. I know, that’s a pretty long wait. The good news? I bring you scoop… from beyond the grave. Kidding. But an upcoming case in the second season does find our badass ladies turning to supernatural means to help solve a case. Let’s just say Jane is less than impressed with the candles, rituals, and pentagrams they encounter. But her skepticism may not last long…

I am dying to know [if] Chuck and Human Target [are] going to be renewed. I love both the shows and I am getting anxious. Help??!! – Darryl

I’m sure you’ve heard the news by now. Sorry about that. Target was a great show. The good news? The mission is looking accomplished for Chuck. Better news? I’ll be speaking to someone VERY important on Monday night after Chuck‘s season finale. So you should send me your questions ASAP after watching it ( or Tweet them to me (@EWSandraG).


Judging by the time you sent this email, I’m guessing you’ve watched last night’s episode, yeah? Well, from the sounds of it, it very well could be exactly what you’re thinking. “People need to watch to the very end of the [May 19 season finale] because things are revealed and something changes their relationship forever,” Emily Deschanel teased to EW’s Mandi Bierly. (After which, of course, Mandi squealed.) “Is that big enough for you?” Deschanel added. Yup!

Anyone else watching Rules of Engagement? I’m feeling kinda lonely here. — Jen

Don’t feel lonely! I mean, if people like Russell (David Spade) and Liz (Wendi McLendon-Covey) can find a companion, surely you can. And speaking of the odd couple, I hopped on the phone with the McLendon-Covey this week to talk about what’s next for these crazy kids. My discovery? There’s a cliffhanger ahead. “For the finale, it leaves you hanging,” she says. “It’s left on a pretty good note for my character.” Elsewhere in the finale, she teases, Russell finds himself heading on a cruise with “some red-hot ladies,” but ends up encountering some “red-hat ladies.” “It’s actually one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen — David Spade [hanging] around with these little old ladies in red hats. He’s totally in his element. I think we learn that for all his bragging and ‘machismo,’ he likes to hang out with the older ladies.”

Sandra! You never say anything about Rules of Engagement. Is it getting renewed? I’m cheering for this underdog. — Char B.

Things are looking good for Engagement, according to some sources. And that’s a good thing, too, because there is much ground left to be covered between Liz and Russell, says McLendon-Covery, whose movie Bridesmaids opens today. “I don’t know for sure, but maybe they’ll grow to love each other,” she says. “But for now, I think it’s funny that no one else will ask them to dance.”

Any Smallville finale scoop?!? PLEASE!! LAST CHANCE SANDRA. — Jenna

It’s also your last time to enjoy Smallville, Jenna. I can’t take that away from you. But we can play a game! Can you place this piece of Smallville history that I recently got in the mail (and completely flipped out over)? Answer at the end of the column.

Anything on Cougar Town? There’s a penny can in it for you… — Rebecca

Now there’s an offer I can’t refuse! The Hawaiian finale is full of heart-tugging moments in typical CT style, but one of my faves was when (as teased earlier) Jules comes to realize she’s open to having babies again. It wasn’t so much the realization that made my heart flutter, though. It was more about who helped nudge her along the way. Scrubs fans, you’ll want to see what I mean.

My Sons of Anarchy withdrawal is taking a toll on me. Got anything to tide me over during the summer? Like, I need it really, really bad. — Caitlin

Here’s a good one. The show is currently casting the role of Eli Roosevelt, a hard-talking lieutenant deputy sheriff, who has quite the powerful interaction with Jax and Clay in the first episode back. All that’s missing from the scene are some measuring sticks.

You guys have the best Blue Bloods scoop! I love Will Estes. Anything about his character?? I feel like he’s so underdeveloped compared to the rest of the family.  Thanks!! — Michelle

Today’s season finale is heavy with action from the youngest Regan sibling, who turns out a great performance during this episode, where the family puts all of their efforts together in order to unravel the Blue Templar mystery. But as much as I loved Estes’ performance, my longstanding inappropriate crush, Tom Selleck, steals the show in one of the final moments, which takes place… in a cemetery.

Since “Knockout” is going to be Will Beall’s swan song on Castle, which of the writers will be taking over on Beckett’s mother’s murder episodes, or will it be a group effort? — Danielle

Awesome question, Danielle. According to Andrew Marlowe, once Beall leaves the show (sniff) to pursue his “budding feature film career,” look for everyone to lend a hand, with him keeping a close eye. “Nothing on the show happens without me overseeing it. If necessary, I’ll step in to continue it. We have a very clear idea of where we want to go, and it’s possible that somebody emerges with a new, interesting, and compelling point of view,” he says. “But Will has done a terrific job of getting us to this point, and we’re really pleased with the work that he’s done, but we will make sure that Beckett’s mother’s murder is well-serviced into the future.” That said, he wishes the fan-fave writer well, adding, “Our door is always open. Who knows, maybe when he gets tired of people giving him lots and lots of money to write big features, he’ll come back and slum and do an episode or two for us.” We can only hope. “Yeah, but he’ll probably come back and say ‘Eh, can’t I do a funny one?’ ‘Can I do one about a murder at the Renaissance Fair?’ That’s one he wanted to do.” Marlowe says, laughing.

Hey Sandra! You are awesome. You are like, one of the two Sandra’s I absolutely love — the other being Sandra Oh from Grey’s Anatomy. Speaking of which, can I get some spoiler on that show? Anything will do!! — Raksha

How about some news on the other great Sandra’s TV hubby? It looks like Kevin McKidd, who made his directorial debut earlier this season with “Don’t Deceive Me (Please Don’t Go)” will be hitting the director’s chair once again next season — possibly twice. “They’ve asked me to direct one in the early part of the season and to possibly direct another in the second part of the season, but that will depend on scheduling — and if I screw up the second time,” he tells EW, laughing. “I pulled it off the first time, but there’s always a chance I can fall flat on my face the second time. Hopefully I won’t do that.”

Modern Family, please!!! — Lucy

Ever wonder what Phil and Claire would look like on a tandem bicycle? You’re going to find out.

Am I the only one that loves Happy Endings??? Info please — Nancy

Not at all! The May 25 episode brings lots of wedding joy! Double wedding joy to be exact. (Well, one’s technically a Wedding re-do. Not that I judge Brad and Jane for trying. You’d want one too if the flower girl pooped on your aisle.) And there’s also a fake engagement.

Would love some further scoopage on the One Tree Hill finale. And a couple of prayers for its renewal. — Gloria

I can help you with half of that immediately. When I spoke with Stephen Colletti last week, he told me this about Chase, who this week decided he was going to enter the Air Force, in the season finale: “I think what you’ll see with him is him getting a read on whether or not the decisions he makes were the right decisions. I’ve always thought that when you make a decision and you go with it, it’s the right decision. But with Chase, I think what you’ll see play out in the finale is that he’s left at the point of wondering whether or not he made the right decision.”

Smallville answer:

If you answered “a piece of Luthor library,” you WIN (bragging rights)!

(Mandi Bierly and Carrie Bell contributed to this column)

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