The 'DWTS' alum is getting her own reality show

The country’s best-known teen mom is getting her own reality show. Having boosted the ratings of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars into the stratosphere last year, Bristol Palin, now 20, has made a deal with cable network Bio for a 10-episode series. The Palin show will launch later this year and will aim for the success of hits like MTV’s Teen Mom and her famous mother’s caribou-capping Sarah Palin’s Alaska on TLC. On the as-yet-untitled series, Palin will move from Alaska to Los Angeles with son Tripp and bunk with her DWTS castmate Kyle Massey and his brother Chris while spending time working for a charity. So it’s sort of like The Hills — if you kept the fame-seeking but replaced the hookups and club hopping with abstinence lectures and social work.