If you plan your moviegoing by critics’ grades alone, this weekend has a clear winner: Bridesmaids. The ensemble comedy, starring SNL vets Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph, got a solid A from EW’s Owen Gleiberman, who calls it a “beguilingly witty and heartrending new comedy that’s the first Judd Apatow production to dive headfirst into the world of women.” Case closed, have fun, call me next week, say hi to your mother for me.

But the weekend also has two other oddball options.

There’s Priest, an action-horror-Western that stars Paul Bettany as a vampire-hunting man of the cloth. We’re guessing there’s not a lot of overlap between the audiences of this and Bridesmaids, so if your idea of a fun Friday is watching bloodsuckers battling clergymen, your choice is clear. We’ve also got Everything Must Go, Will Ferrell’s dark comedy about a guy who decides to hold a lawn sale for his life’s possessions. It’s headier fare than Ferrell’s biggest hits (more Stranger Than Fiction, less The Other Guys), which might explain why Roadside is rolling the movie out in a modest 218 theaters this week. Also out in limited release: the dance pic Go For It and the indie drama Hesher, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Natalie Portman.

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