For every reader who hates our ''Twilight'' covers, there is a Twihard who loves it; plus more letters from the week of May 13, 2011

By EW Staff
Updated May 13, 2011 at 04:00 AM EDT


7% Why couldn’t How I Met Your Mother be on the cover?

36% I love it! I live for Twilight!

7% No more Harry Potter covers, either!

7% Love Robert Pattinson. Hate this cover.

43% Sick, sick, sick of Twilight.

The Brave Ones

What a touching tribute to Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros by Mark Harris (The Final Cut). I was not familiar with the work of either of these daring men and could have easily skipped this column. But Mr. Harris’ way of pulling me in by beginning with director John Ford and segueing into a salute to today’s wartime filmmakers and journalists made me thankful that I didn’t miss it.

Darrell Todd

Oklahoma City

The Pride of Pawnee

It was really great to see Parks and Recreation’s Adam Scott and Amy Poehler at the center of The Bullseye. He’s been underappreciated for far too long, and she’s just plain awesome. My friends and I have weekly Parks and Rec viewing parties and basically worship Leslie Knope. The only problem is trying to decide whether to call ourselves Knope-heads or Leslians.

Greg Hornsby

San Francisco

Trump Out on the Stump

Let’s face it, potential presidential candidate Donald Trump is nothing more than a glorified game-show host who relies on those who are easily impressed to feed his own selfish need to be a celebrity (News & Notes). It’s a sad and frightening time we live in when the publicity stunts and opinions of reality-show stars actually have anything to do with political poll numbers.

Dennis Keeley

Shirley, N.Y.

Only Time Will Tell

In ”Doctor Who 101” (TV), how could you completely ignore Christopher Eccleston (the Ninth Doctor) and Billie Piper (Rose)? Matt Smith is the new guy and as yet unproven. Let’s see if his acting ability is up to that of Eccleston or David Tennant. He is following in some very large footsteps, but so far he seems to just be playing around.

Patricia O’Neill

Aptos, Calif.