Idol Top 4
Credit: Michael Becker/Fox

It would appear that is all Haley Reinhart, all the time today. But can you blame us? The impression left from the past two weeks is that pretty much everyone on American Idol not named Steven Tyler would like to see Lauren Alaina, James Durbin, and Scotty McCreery get their heroic home visits, and there’s one tenacious blonde growler standing in their way.

Not so fast: If Idol history tells us anything, it’s that voters can flock to the contestant who weathered the most unfair negative criticism, and a quick scan of Idol-related message boards this morning makes clear that Haley’s fans are riled up but good and activated to vote.

So who else could possibly be in danger? None of the other three had a killer second song: Scotty went into eyebrow overdrive; Lauren’s mouth kept telling us she was evil while her eyes screamed “No I’m really not!“; and James made a quixotic song choice that wasn’t really helped by his awkward drawn-out final pauses. If I were to guess (and I’m about to, watch out), I suspect the Durbs may find himself at risk for the first time.

But what about you? Who do you think is in the bottom two and will be sent home? Vote in the polls below!

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