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As you already know, on Conan last night, Jon Hamm took a swing at Donald Trump’s inability to laugh at himself at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Well, inevitably, Trump — never one to pass up the opportunity to knock anyone who breathes (unless they’ve got knockers) — has gotta swing back, right? Problem: I’ve been trying to think all afternoon about how one could even attempt to insult real-life awesome person Hamm, and I’m coming up completely empty. As EW’s Darren Franich says, Hamm “has the sense of humor of an incredibly ugly stand-up comedian, but he also looks like Superman.” He’s got a bubble!

But let me put myself in Trump’s shoes. How would I tell off Jon Hamm if I were the real estate mogul? Well, here goes: “Jon Hamm, you… (handsome) devil! You make me so mad… man. The Day the Earth Stood Still was… just okay. I would never see it in theaters again, but maybe I’d rent it, but only if Netflix was having some sort of deal. But anyway: How dare you… be so incredibly charming? Why, I oughta… give you a dimple tweak! Your Bridesmaids movie’s gonna be HUGE.”

Well, I failed. That’s all I got, PopWatchers. Who wants to give it their best shot? (And, yes, I’m going to beat you guys to it: Slow news day.)

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