Credit: Michael Becker/FOX

We’ve debated why the American Idol judges (at least Randy Jackson and Jennifer Lopez) seem to have it in for Haley Reinhart. We’ve found out from Haley that she refuses to let them break her. But the thing that still has us puzzled: Why can’t they understand her? The two possibilities we’ve come up with: Is it because she doesn’t really have a genre? That was okay for Casey Abrams because with all the instruments he plays, he’s like a one-man band (and really, he should just be a non-kitsch version of Marty & Elaine, who, for the record, I adore). But now that Haley, whose primary gift is her voice, is left with “simple” country singer Scotty, Martina McBride-wannabe Lauren, and rocker James, is her pop-blues vibe just too much for them to process?

Is that the reason they can’t digest her, or… is it simply that they don’t want her to win because she’ll be tougher to market than the other three remaining contestants because they can be labeled? That’s a legitimate concern: Since it’s the first season without Simon Cowell, they want a winner who’ll sell records and make the revamped show appear real-world successful (especially when Cowell’s X Factor is on the horizon, and NBC’s The Voice is nipping at its heels).

What’s your theory? What is so vexing about Haley Reinhart?

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