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So far, during this 15th season of South Park, the animated comedy has done its job: It’s been disgusting (thanks for contributing to my diet, HUMANCENTiPAD), relevant (a Osama bin Laden death reference three days after the announcement? Nicely done), and, most importantly, pretty freakin’ funny. And, tonight, I’m expecting no different: As we showed you earlier this week with a teaser clip, Matt Stone and Trey Parker are set to parody the Royal Wedding in “Royal Pudding,” which, at least in part, follows the nuptials of Canadian versions of Prince William and Kate Middleton. (See the teaser clip again after the jump.)

Now, I’m not a wedding fanatic, but, still, is it wrong that I’m anticipating this episode more than I anticipated the Royal Wedding? Either way, I’m digging Stone and Parker’s quick turnaround this season. So I ask you, PopWatchers: What other very current current events are you hoping South Park parodies this season? Personally, I’d love to see a spoof next week on May 21, our supposed upcoming Judgment Day. And the overwhelming number of reality singing competitions (The Voice, American Idol, The X Factor) would prove to be good fodder, especially since that would allow Cartman to resurrect Jennifer Lopez, otherwise known as his left hand. But as long as tonight’s episode ends with Princess Beatrice’s hat growing venom tentacles and destroying the world, I’d be happy enough.

How about you, PopWatchers? What current current event should South Park parody?

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