Hear the term Bond Girl and an immediate image comes to mind: a glamorous and curvy beauty with an appreciation for double entendres. But a Bourne Girl is something entirely different. In fact, it’s not exactly clear yet what a Bourne Girl is. In the original Bourne Identity with Matt Damon, Franka Potente played the punkish girl who got pulled into Bourne’s wormhole of amnesia and assassins. She wasn’t long for his world, of course, and the only other major female characters have been American versions of Bond’s M: Joan Allen’s skeptical CIA agent and Julia Stiles’ sympathetic Agency technician (and possible pre-amnesia romantic interest). So what is a Bourne Girl? Clone Dr. Lilith Sternin Crane and you’re in the ballpark.

That said, whispers that Rachel Weisz is in talks to join Jeremy Renner in Tony Gilroy’s The Bourne Legacy, first reported by Deadline, are intriguing. One, after three testosterone-filled films, a brighter female presence might introduce a welcome dynamic. Two, whereas a Bond Girl is boxed in by the franchise’s parameters of what she can and can’t do, how she can and can’t look, Weisz can take her character anywhere, especially since she won’t need to kowtow to an undisputed star and inevitable hero. Heck, Weisz’s character might be Renner’s agent’s equal in every sense. (She might outlive him. Or even be the one to kill him.)

Do you think the Bourne franchise needs a more involved female character, or is the shaky-handed, quick-cutting action formula enough to keep you interested?

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