Alfred Molina | SOLVING CRIME Alfred Molina as Det. Ricado Morales in Law & Order: LA
Credit: Justin Lubin/NBC

Law & Order: LA

Law & Order: LA recently relaunched with the departure of Skeet Ulrich and an unusual cast shift: Alfred Molina’s Ricardo Morales started out the series as a prosecutor, but once Ulrich’s Rex Winters was dead and gone, Morales decided he liked being out on the streets solving crime. So now he’s the one partnered with Corey Stoll, who plays TJ Jaruszalski, the hairless cop whose head looks like a thumb. This NBC series, part of producer Dick Wolf’s waning franchise, has actually improved in quality. Molina maintains a fine cop poker-face at a crime scene, and in the courtroom half of the show, Terrence Howard has found a smooth groove as Deputy District Attorney Joe Dekker. His quiet intensity works well with the more garrulous approach of Alana de la Garza’s Connie Rubirosa (imported from the original Law & Order — these shows are like Rubik’s Cubes; twist ’em and you’ve got a new cast!). The problem with L&O: LA is simply the format’s repetitive familiarity.B

Law & Order: LA
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