With only four American Idol contestants remaining, creating your very own Idol Power List has never been easier. OR HAS IT? I’d previously been ranking contestants according to realistic standards instead of my own wishful thinking. People in the bottom three would have to be low on the list, even if I liked ’em. I’m not sure that’s true anymore. Haley Reinhart is the only Stools of Doom regular (yo. yo. yo. they love her at that bar) left at this point, and since she’s the most interesting contestant to me by far, I gotta rank her higher. Here we go.


4. Lauren Alaina That personal growth arc the producers so clearly wanted for her just never happened. For me (for you?), one of the most uninspired final four ever.

3. James Durbin Not as consistent as the ridiculous-verging-on-useless judges once claimed. Loses me when he loses himself in the performance. Focus, Durbs.

2. Haley Reinhart Takes risks and they work. Girl pulled off Adele. Adele! Doesn’t give a crap what the judges think, and frankly I’m not sure voters do either.

1. Scotty McCreery Ladies love him; girls adore him. I mean, I just have a feeling this tricky little pony will pull it off. SCOTTY IS IN IT TO WIN IT! A big bird told me.

What’s your list?

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