Something Borrowed, Kate Hudson

There is nothing sadder than a movie that ends with a “To be continued”… and then isn’t. Something Borrowed producer Molly Smith tells Movieline she’s still “very hopeful” that movie audiences will get to see novelist Emily Giffin’s follow-up Something Blue adapted for the big screen, but that it’s still too early to tell. In the pros column: the book series has fans, the sequel would feature John Krasinski’s Ethan more heavily (and he was the highlight of the first film), and Something Borrowed is one of those movies we could see eventually ending up in heavy rotation on TBS (and wouldn’t it be nice to show them back-to-back?). In the cons column: The film opened at No. 4 with just under $14 million, which is better than 2004’s Raising Helen ($11 million) and 2008’s My Best Friend’s Girl ($8 million) but less than Hudson’s $21 million opening weekends with 2009’s Bride Wars, 2008’s Fool’s Gold, and 2006’s You, Me and Dupree. Though it may have legs as counter-programming in the traditionally testosterone-heavy summer and make back its modest budget, it’ll have the better-reviewed Bridesmaids to contend with starting this weekend. Also, Something Blue is told from the perspective of the first film’s villain, Darcy, played by Kate Hudson, who has never quite lived up to her How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days rom-com glory. (That 2003 film remains both her best opening weekend with roughly $24 million in box office receipts and her highest-grossing film to date taking in nearly $106 million in the end. It’s the only one of the aforementioned you’re likely to get sucked into on cable.)

So, should the sequel happen or not? In Hudson’s defense, I think Something Borrowed was her best rom-com performance since How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. I think it helped that moviegoers loath to see her in one again were supposed to not like her character, but she really felt at home as Darcy. SPOILER ALERT! As the extra scene during the credits alluded to, Something Blue would follow pregnant Darcy to England, where she crashes with Krasinski’s Ethan after her relationship with Marcus has ended. “It’s a great character arc… she really does grow up in a sort of very real and authentic way,” Smith tells Movieline. She describes the sequel as “sort of a When Harry Met Sally, in London.””Would I see Something Blue? Yes. I’m curious about how Darcy and Ethan arrive at what I assume is a happy ending and whether they could make me root for it. (Audiences are very protective of Krasinksi, and therefore Ethan.) I think Krasinski and Hudson would have fun sparring together — it was nice to see him let loose in Something Borrowed, and Darcy is tough so she can take it. My high tolerance of clichés makes me a sucker for any rom-com, let alone one set in London. And truthfully, I really would love to see the films play back-to-back on TBS. What about you?

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