Justin Bieber’s caught-on-camera kiss with girlfriend Selena Gomez is awkward for two reasons: 1) The way Gomez goes in for a second peck, and catches Bieber’s cheek instead, and 2) I really feel as though I shouldn’t be analyzing the way two teenagers smooch — especially in slow motion. And yet, here I am doing just that anyway! Oh, blogging.

But where does this rank amongst pop culture’s most awkward kisses? I’ll cut them some slack, considering the act of affection is taking place in front of a batch of snap-happy photographers. I’d say Bieber and Gomez goes somewhere between George and Izzy and Al and Tipper Gore on the awkward-kiss scale. (The two opposite awkward extremes being Liza Minnelli and David Gest and Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul. Because you know the latter is rooted in some truth.)

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