UPDATED: Fox just picked up two dramas to series: The Finder, a spin-off of its hit drama Bones starring Geoff Stults, and Alcatraz, the J.J. Abrams mystery featuring Lost co-star Jorge Garcia.

Finder has Stults as a former military policeman whose brain damage from two tours in Iraq have given him the ability to locate anything or anyone. The 13-episode order comes despite the fact that ratings for the backdoor pilot episode of Bones featuring Stults (and costars Saffron Burrows and Michael Clarke Duncan) were down 9 percent from the previous week’s episode.

The Alcatraz pilot had soft industry buzz after its screenings, but Abrams’ pedigree (and some of that Lost magic?) probably helped it snag a spot on the Fox schedule.

Here are some of the higher profile projects we are hearing that are not expected to be on Fox’s schedule next season:

Locke & Key, the promising supernatural thriller based on Joe Hill’s comic book, Bellevue (which sounded a bit like a psychiatric version of House) and Ethan Hawke’s global CIA action drama Exit Strategy. None have been confirmed dead by the network, as they could be retooled for a later release or picked up by another outlet. But they’re not expected to show up on Fox this fall.

Also not mentioned above: Kiefer Sutherland’s drama Touch, about a man who’s autistic son can predict the future. This show is expected to make it, but its pilot doesn’t shoot until June and so it hasn’t been officially picked up.

The network will unveil its fall schedule Monday in New York City.

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