Good news: YouTube has announced that it has added over 3,000 new movies available for Internet surfers to rent on the site. The bad news: Most of them are D-list schlock like Curse of the Komodo and Land of the Little People. Now that might actually be good news for those of you who are bad movie aficionados (I’d count myself one of them, but I’d prefer my awful cinematic experiences to come complete with a Joel, Tom Servo, and Crow), but it seems a missed opportunity. Yes, the website offers quality fare like Ghostbusters and Charade, but part of me feels that a YouTube rental service should act as a YouTube rental service: If we’re going to see awful offers, let’s at least make sure they’re nostalgic offers. UPDATE: YouTube has posted such new offerings as Taxi Driver, Caddyshack, Goodfellas, The King’s Speech, and Inception, so here’s to quality rentals!

Think about it: How many times have you gone to YouTube in order to check out a clip from Houseguest or Drop Dead Fred (otherwise known as those films you constantly passed in Hollywood Video as a child, their covers forever cemented in your brain)? Sure, I could go to Netflix for these gems, but when I’m in the mood to watch Sinbad sing “Brick House,” I simply cannot wait days, let alone minutes. Other films I search for in vain on YouTube in order to recapture my youth: The Sandlot, Rookie of the Year, and 3 Ninjas. Come on, YouTube: Rocky loves Emily. How long until you love 3 Ninjas?!

Who’s with me?

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