Which is scarier: A masked, bald woman wielding a knife, or Sean Penn? Strangely, I’d have to say the latter… but only in the clip embedded below from Paolo Sorrentino’s Cannes entry This Must Be the Place. In the film, Penn channels The Cure’s Robert Smith in looks and Truman Capote in speech (or so it sounds, based on his static delivery) as an ex-musician searching — with Frances McDormand — for a Nazi who shamed his dearly departed father. He’s also just as good at applying makeup as a teenage me. Also embedded after the jump: Pedro Almodóvar’s The Skin I Live In, a horror film about a plastic surgeon (Antonio Banderas) attempting to create a new skin for his wife. Two creepy clips, one film festival: Cannes. Looks like the south of France is about to get weird, PopWatchers.

Freaked out, PopWatchers? Or freaked out so much, you want to see more?

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