I’ll admit: The cat’s got my tongue after watching the trailer for The Future, the Sundance darling from Me and You and Everyone We Know director Miranda July. I’m not sure what to think about the film, which follows Sophie (July) and Jason (Hamish Linklater), two hipsters who find themselves fighting a pre-midlife crisis when they discover the sick cat they want to adopt — who narrates the film — could live another five years. After all, in five years, they’ll be 40, an age at which they think time, and life, might have passed them by. So begins Sophie’s desire to choreograph dances, and Jason’s desire to… well, from what I can gauge talk to the moon (he’s been helpful in the past) and contemplate by the sea (how very Marissa Cooper!).

But if critics are to be trusted (and why wouldn’t we trust them?), The Future seems to be anything but bleak. EW’s Lisa Schwarzbaum — who’s quoted in the trailer — wrote this about the movie after catching a screening at Sundance: “Watching this mutable, inventive, true-to-itself film, the work of an artist who delights in mixing media, I didn’t realized until I exhaled how I had been holding my breath.” Click the jump to take a look at The Future.

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