There was no doubt aboot it: South Park was going to have to skewer the Royal Wedding. While the mass hysteria surrounding the nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton has died down substantially, it doesn’t mean Trey Parker and Matt Stone still won’t poke fun at it. And poke fun they will — Comedy Central just offered up a teaser of Wednesday night’s new episode, titled “Royal Pudding.” Rest easy, Will and Kate fans, the newlyweds aren’t exactly ridiculed. Rather, the Candian versions of them will be!

In the episode, just as the Canadian royalty (heh) are getting ready to walk down the aisle, the “aboot to be Princess of Canada” gets kidnapped, causing panic throughout America’s cap. While it may not exactly be Will and Kate, things look pretty familiar in the clip — there’s even a Canuck version of the Queen Mum and a Canada-ized Pippa trailing behind the bride. We’re still waiting to see the Canadian version of this little one.

And no word yet on whether or not their guest list included Terrance and Phillip.

Are you going to tune in for this week’s South Park, PopWatchers?

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