Something Borrowed

On PopWatch, we often talk about crowd participation at the movies — when we like it, when we don’t. I don’t recall any of those conversations ever involving a romantic comedy. That’s because usually you just get the laughter. We all go in assuming we’ll get a happy ending, so we don’t let the requisite moments of heartbreak along the way affect us enough to elicit else. Why get worked up?

Spoiler alert! Whether or not you enjoyed Something Borrowed — and EW’s Lisa Schwarzbaum definitely did not — I think you have to appreciate that audiences, at least the 95 percent female one I was in on opening night, did invest. That’s because however self-centered and unlikable they made Kate Hudson’s Darcy, and however much they made you believe that Ginnifer Goodwin’s Rachel and Colin Egglesfield’s Dex had felt for each other but never expressed it before he started dating her best friend Darcy, there’s still some tiny part of you that thinks it’s wrong for the maid of honor to sleep with the groom. The audience let out an audible gasp when Dex first kissed Rachel in the cab (even though it’s something you see in the trailer), but it let out a louder one when he later told Rachel he loved her after waking up with her a second time. That’s when it became real: We all had to ask ourselves if we thought it was too late for them, or if we believed that whatever fallout they would experience from family and friends if they chose to be together wasn’t worth giving up what could become 50 years of happiness together. Half the theater applauded at the end of the movie when we saw Dex waiting for Rachel on a bench two months after he called off his wedding. Half the theater didn’t. I wonder if anyone felt like that relationship would have started with too much drama to be healthy and had hoped it was Ethan (John Krasinski) sitting there instead…

If you’ve seen Something Borrowed, was your audience more vocal than at your average romantic comedy? What other rom-com moments have you witnessed eliciting an audible response other than laughter? And are you hoping for a Something Borrowed sequel? The extra scene and “To be continued… ” during the credits seems to suggest we could see an adaptation of Something Blue, Emily Giffin’s follow-up told from Darcy’s perspective. We heard someone yelling Ethan’s name on the street in London, and having not read Something Blue, I assumed it was his stalker (Ashley Williams). It was pregnant Darcy. What did you make of that? Again, as someone who hasn’t read either book, I was like, “Wait, are we supposed to think the baby is actually his? Competitive Darcy thought Rachel slept with Ethan so she got him drunk in the Hamptons and slept with him, too?” Spoiler alert! That didn’t happen. The baby is Marcus’. When that relationship fizzles, Darcy flees to London to crash in Ethan’s flat (because they were so close in Something Borrowed?).

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