The weekly ‘Kids React’ web series posted a special episode Sunday with children ages 6 to 14 reacting to President Obama delivering the news that Osama bin Laden had been killed. Questions begin with simply identifying bin Laden (8-year-old Emma knows he took down the Twin Towers and that a lot of people died that day, “like 42 people died”). Then the kids are asked if there was anything we could have done but killed him (10-year-old twins Megan and Shannon, pictured, have differing opinions with Megan thinking you don’t just walk up to someone and shoot, and Shannon reasoning, “They didn’t — they tried handling it with words and it didn’t work”). Things get truly fascinating when the kids explain why it was — or wasn’t — right to celebrate in the streets (I’m with 10-year-old William, who says, “I was happy that our nation felt pride. That’s good. But I’m not cheering ’cause this is still a man’s life. It’s a bad man’s life, but it’s still a life”) and why we should — or shouldn’t — release a photo of bin Laden’s body to prove he’s dead (“Oh, you better soon,” says 6-year-old Morgan). The kids finish by detailing what they think will happen now with other terrorists and what they would do if they were president to stop terrorism. Nine-year-old Elle would buy a yellow canoe — I think she missed the second part of the question; Morgan would give a comforting speech. “God bless everyone that we are not dead. God bless. God bless. God bless. But everyone that died, might I say, it is sad,” she says, pouting. William, who likens the war on terror to a game of Whac-A-Mole — another bad guy will always pop up — isn’t sure: “This is really, really a hard subject, ’cause it’s like politics, CNN, terrorists. I don’t know. I don’t know.”