This has been a good year for surprisingly long-lived franchises from the early ’00s, and now, Final Destination 5 (or, as I prefer to call it, 5inal De5tin5ti5n Part 5: The Fivequel) will throw its hat in the ring with a new cast of adorable young actors being horribly mutilated by everyday objects. The trailer for 5 instantly raises the stakes on the roller coaster disaster and the racecar pile-up from the last couple of movies, with a scene featuring a graphic bridge collapse that seems guaranteed to add a couple digits to our Summer Movie Body Count. Other death scenes from the Aug. 12 flick include a laser-eye surgery gone wrong, a pommel horse performance with a dangerous sharp object, and a hilariously non sequitur acupuncture scene. Oh, and also something involving a fan. (Did someone say fan death?!?!) Check out the trailer after the jump…