Update: Annie’s recap is live! We’re back, DANCMSTRs, for Week 8 of Planet Mirrorballus madness. Tonight, the remaining five couples must dance TWICE. Let’s all cross our impossibly bejeweled fingers that Dopey Italiano‘s multifaceted eyes don’t pop out of his well-tanned noggin! As always, nominate your Hidden Gems of the Week in the comments.

If you missed it Wednesday, my Week 7 podcast with Tom Bergeron was chock full o’ gems:

  • On his hair: “I don’t mind if it’s graying, as long as it’s staying.”
  • Tom and the DWTS production staff have nothing better to do than stand around and talk about the brilliance of’s Hidden Gems. How awful!
  • When throwing to Diane Sawyer — with whom he has a strictly flirtatious professional relationship thanks to a Good Morning America stint — Tom had to make a conscious effort to tone down the jauntiness and “maintain a certain level of ballroom gravitas.”
  • Tom believes Mark Ballas’s explanation of Monday’s “wanker” hand gesture: It was intended for his dad, Corky, as a “You gotta roll the dice with the choreography” inside joke. But as Tom counseled Mark after the show, “If that was a gesture of self-gratification, you’re really bragging about your size, because that was WAY off to the side.”


Press the “play” triangle above to hear my imaginary friend in all his alternate-universe glory!

ALSO: Big news!’s Fringe Fairy will be IN THE BALLROOM….liiiiiiiive….for next Monday’s semifinals performance show! Here’s a reminder of what I look like.

Do you guys like my new business cards?

Someone’s gonna need a spray tan before Monday….

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