I love weepy, piano-filled tributes as much as the next person — especially when they’re recorded by large groups of artists who normally wouldn’t share a dressing room, much less the verse of a song. I can even admit I’m inexplicably fascinated by those music videos where all of said stars gather in a single room and “sing” the song with dramatic hand gestures. But leave it to Cee Lo to turn a cheesy pastime into something that is genuinely awesome.

Cee-Lo has teamed up with Duracell (?!) and adapted his song “Forget You” into this song/video tribute to the country’s volunteer firefighters, titled “Thank You.” After taking a listen, I have to admit, I’d like for him to do every tribute to everyone from now on. (Sorry, Elton John/Bono/other saintly humans.)

Sure, his song was practically made for adapting, but you have to appreciate lyrics like: “I admire, your quest for fire/the one that burns inside.” Also, random trivia alert: Mama Cee Lo was a firefighter. I love that!

Check it out below. Pretty fun; right, PopWatchers?

Oh, and because I know I put you in the mood for this: