Bristol Palin
Credit: Eugene Gologursky/

The country’s best known teen mom is getting her own reality show: Having boosted the ratings of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars into the stratosphere last year, Bristol Palin (who’s now actually 20) has made a deal with cable network Bio for a 10 episode series.

The Palin show will launch later this year and might be a success in the wake of hits like MTV’s Teen Mom and her famous mother’s caribou-capping Alaska on TLC. In the as-yet-untitled series, Palin will move from the 49th state to Los Angeles and bunk with her Dancing castmate Kyle Massey and his brother Chris, plus spend time working at a charity. So it’s sort of like The Hills — if you replace the hook-ups and club hopping with abstinence lectures and social work.

Bio, formerly the Biography Channel, is mainly known for its documentary profiles. The network been trying to drive down its median age in recent years and signing Palin could also help raise its profile.