Credit: Animal Planet

Last night Animal Planet premiered My Cat From Hell, where clawed little demons are transformed into cuddly fuzzballs. Is your cat scaring company? Keeping you up all night? Then this show may be for you.

Enter Jackson Galaxy (what a name!), a tattooed rocker by night and cat behaviorist by day. He looks more like a bounty hunter than a cat tamer. But he kindly gets the job done. First to be saved from the terror of their cat was couple Hannah and Johnny. “I’m happier than I’ve ever been in any relationship,” Hannah says of her year with her boyfriend. “He could be the one.” There’s a major issue, though: Hannah’s black cat, Bear, hates Johnny. Love triangle!

Even though Bear has given Hannah ringworm, chews laptop charger cords, claws at furniture, and often punks Johnny’s Boston terrier, Frank, all hope is not lost. Upon their first meeting, Bear scratches Jackson good, bloodying his hand. Galaxy discovers Bear’s been neutered twice, which explains why he feels powerless and acts out. Makes sense, right? So how do you make a cat feel like a king? Shelves!

Galaxy instructs the couple to clear their mantles and shelves of trophies and books so that Bear is free to roam the house without touching the floor. So instead of feeling small among giants, he can literally look down upon them. That, combined with a regimen of play, saves Hannah and Johnny’s relationship. And so goes My Cat From Hell.

I don’t think I could watch this every week. I’ve never wanted a pet. And My Cat From Hell only confirms my decision. Sure, I laughed. But how many times can you watch cats with character flaws–some crazy, others timid–experience a personality makeover? But hey, if you’re a pet owner, this show’s for you. Galaxy offers useful tips, even if your animal’s not nuts.

Did you watch the show last night? Own a crazy cat? Let us know in the comments section.