Credit: Patrick Harbron/ABC

In honor of Mother’s Day, let’s each take a moment to celebrate our mother’s good taste in entertainment — or, at least her passion for pop culture, which, even if misdirected, is something we can appreciate. Finish this sentence: I love that my mother loves… I’ll go first:

• Nathan Fillion. As I’ve had the pleasure of telling him in a Stupid Questions interview, he is, in fact, my soon-to-be 64-year-old mother Joyce’s third favorite male celebrity — after Johnny Depp and Jeff Goldblum. (I love that she loves them, too.)

• Craig Ferguson. When I visit, I can sometimes hear her laughing at him down the hallway from her bedroom.

• Otis Redding’s “Love Man.” She knows it’s on my iPod, so when I’m DJing in the car, it’s often requested. She always raises her right arm and shimmies in her seat. She’s also always driving.

Randy Travis and George Strait. Our mutual appreciation and singalongs have gotten us through separate road trips from Pennsylvania to Vermont and Maine. Plus, on any trip, I know that I can sneak in a couple of songs by artists she’s never heard of if I play “Diggin’ Up Bones,” “Forever and Ever, Amen,” “It’s Just a Matter of Time,” “Adalida,” or “The Fireman” to win her back.

• Quiet Riot’s “Cum on Feel the Noize.” I’ll never forget the first time I saw the tape in her car and noticed the spelling.

• The locked-together cars scene in Date Night. She laughed so loudly, for so long, I was almost embarrassed to be sitting next to her. Then I thought of all she goes through caring for my father, who’s been ill for five and a half years now, and I realized not only does she deserve that kind of release, but also that I’m inspired by and proud of the fact that she can still experience it.

Fast Five. Technically, we haven’t seen it yet, but I love that we have plans to.