For the 18th season of Amazing Race, eleven teams returned seeking redemption after losing their first time around. Of course, only one team could actually attain the sought-after redemption — going into last night’s two-hour season finale, seven teams had lost again, usually for the same reasons why they lost on their first go-round. (Message to Team Goth: Consider taking an orienteering course if you ever come back for a third Race.) In the end, though, one team successfully took home the $1 million prize. Find out this season’s Amazing Race grand champion team after the jump…

After a remarkably consistent season spent near the front of the pack, the sporty sisters Jen and Kisha finally got a first-place finish when it counted, beating the always-competitive Globetrotters and the Gary/Mallory All-American Combo for ultimate victory. Considering their infamous exit in their first Race — stopping for a bathroom break at an incredibly critical moment — it must have felt especially validating for the pair.

I was sad to see Zev and Justin — who were my ridiculously early pick to win it all — go out in the first half of the season finale. (Zev was undone by the Samba, like so many great men before him.) I was also sad to see Gary and Mallory, long a dark horse pick thanks to her hyper-caffeinated energy and his ability to be incredibly talented at almost everything, fall victim to the nefarious scourge of the Lost Cab Driver. It seemed for a moment like the Globetrotters might triumph, but the winds of Florida did them in. But let’s salute Jen and Kisha for putting on a great show. Their Race business, at least, is finished.

For a full report on the proceedings, click here for my full recap is live!). You can also start hitting up the comment boards. Anyone disappointed that Team Zinger couldn’t make it into the last leg? Sad to see Gary and Mallory undone by cabbie karma? Wish they could have worked in some sort of David Caruso cameo for the Miami leg? Start talking! I’ll be talking to the new Race champions tomorrow, so hit me up on Twitter if you’ve got any questions for Jen and Kisha.

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