Highlights from the country star's new memoir, 'From This Moment On'

Famously private country star Shania Twain, 45, doesn’t tell all in her memoir, From This Moment On, skimping on showbiz tales and details of the betrayal by her former producer and ex-husband Mutt Lange. But the stories Twain does share — a dirt-poor childhood, years of scraping by, recovering from heartbreak — are the stuff of a great country song.

1. A star is born
Doctors thought Twain, née Eilleen Regina Edwards, was dead when she was born in 1965. ”While [Twain’s mother] lies on the delivery table, the doctor quietly hands her a cigarette and lights it…. She’s delivered a blue baby, stillborn. Except, miraculously, the baby girl is alive!”

2. Hard Times
Growing up, Twain’s family often had nothing to eat but ”goulash”: boiled milk on dry bread, topped with brown sugar. ”Very hard to feel satisfied no matter how much goulash you fill up your belly with.”

3. High Anxiety
Twain, who has stage fright, once wet her pants in school while singing and covered the mess by spilling a glass of water. ”As far as the trumpet players on either side of me knew, the puddle…was nothing more than H[subscript 2]O!”

4. Country Strong
After the death of her parents, Twain supported her younger relatives in a house with no running water. ”I had to get things done with what I had. I had a cold, black river, some detergent, and my two hands, so this was my laundry room, period.”

5. Penn Pal
The video for Twain’s second single, 1993’s ”Dance With the One That Brought You,” was directed by Sean Penn, who contacted Twain’s label to request the job. Penn gave her a $100 bill to help her get by until her album took off. ”I was embarrassed to receive a handout like that.”