Nicki Minaj‘s collection of wigs is endless—and so are her curves.

Viewers get a healthy dose of both in the rapstress’ new video for her latest single, “Super Bass.” In it, she describes the type of guy the she’s into, one who hits the gym often and has first-class money:

“He pops bottles and he’s got the right kind of build…. He’s always in the air/ But he never flies coach,” she spits while rubbing a muscular man’s abs.

But for all the pec-popping chest shots in the clip, there’s plenty for guys to appreciate as well. Nicki ratchets up the sex appeal, grinding on the seat of an iced-out motorcycle and giving her man a lap dance towards the end. Give the sexy clip a look after the jump:

What do you think of Nicki’s single and its video? Will you be rocking to it all summer? Let us know.

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