Jennifer Grant answered our questions about her father and the memoir she's written in his honor, 'Good Stuff'

Why did you decide to write this book now?
I’d spent years just holding him close to my chest, all to myself, treasuring my memories. I felt it was time for me to open up. I wanted to write something that my father would enjoy, especially given how private a family we were.

You write that your father didn’t like to watch himself on screen. Was it strange for you to see him projected 50 feet tall?
You know what? Oh my goodness, is this true? I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in a movie theater! I’ve only seen him on TV. Wow, that’s so silly of me! We only saw one of his films together, it was with a group of people, and when he kissed Deborah Kerr, I jumped off the couch and I ran up and I slapped the screen. I was so upset that my father was kissing this woman I didn’t even know!

Do you have a favorite film of his?
I have a lot of favorite films. I tend to love the silliness of Bringing Up Baby. Charade is fantastic. His Girl Friday, the banter in that, that alone made me want to be a writer.

If your father had read the book, what do you think he would say to you?
I think he would cry, give me a big hug, and say, ”Lovely, darling. Good stuff.”