Johnny Depp is set to play Tonto, Ryan Gosling and Armie Hammer rumored to play title character

Hi-Yo, Silver Screen! With Johnny Depp set to star as Tonto in a film adaptation of the ’50s-era TV series The Lone Ranger, the title role has become one of the most sought-after parts of the moment. Ryan Gosling was considered an early contender, but now the talk has turned to The Social Network‘s Armie Hammer. The actor’s rep says that the reports are ”way premature,” though Hammer’s newly announced role in the thriller 2:22 wouldn’t conflict with Ranger, which isn’t due out until 2014. Ranger director Gore Verbinski, who directed Depp in the first three Pirates films, is also said to be considering Justified star Timothy Olyphant. For Depp, a fan of the original show, the appeal of the update is clear. ”I remember watching it as a kid and going, ‘Why is the f—ing Lone Ranger telling Tonto what to do?’ ” Depp tells EW. ”I started thinking about what could be done and in my own small way try to reinvent the relationship — to attempt to take the way Indians were treated throughout the history of cinema and turn it on its head.”