Credit: Brian Bowen Smith/Fox

Ever since Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy was announced in March, Bones fans have been wondering how her fall due date will affect the show. Now that the Fox drama has finally received a season 7 pickup, that’s something producers are in the process of deciding — both in terms of story and production schedule. “I imagine that you’re gonna see Brennan behind a microscope a lot next season. I think there’s gonna be a lot of close-ups of Brennan. I said I’d work though my hiatus, but we didn’t have a pick up until now, and they have to write before we shoot. It’s a whole situation,” Deschanel tells EW, with a laugh. “They have to see how long it takes them to write episodes. I think we’ll have our normal schedule starting in July or something, but I don’t know. We just had an email about that [yesterday]. Like, ‘We don’t know… but these are possibilities.”

The bigger question for viewers, of course, is whether Brennan will become pregnant as well. “I don’t know. I feel like that would change things so much,” she says. “I am not gonna say no — never say never, I guess — but I think it’s unlikely. But only time will tell … How to address [my pregnancy] is a hard thing. I threw them a curveball personally, but you know, that’s life.” Indeed, show creator Hart Hanson has said that while sitting at Deschanel’s September 2010 wedding reception, he thought to himself, “Oh boy, I know what comes next.” “Not always in that order,” Deschanel jokes, “but yes, we didn’t waste much time.”

Having filmed the May 19 season finale in a bowling alley (Booth and Brennan go undercover in a league to solve a murder), we had to ask if the heightened sense of smell that comes along with pregnancy has been an issue on set. “I do have a line about all the different smells that you can detect in a bowling alley. You could do a whole forensic study with the carpet itself. It’s kind of always an issue, but I haven’t vomited yet, so that’s a plus. I consider that a success.” She had a bad sense of smell to begin with, she adds, so now it’s probably only normal. “It’s probably worse coming to work when they’re painting. That was bad. First trimester, I came to work and I was like, ‘You guys need to clear this out!’, and no one understood why I was freaking out so much.”

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